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Factors to Consider When Maintaining Curly Hair

Nowadays, one of the things that are known to enhance one’s beauty is the kind of hair they have. Besides, it is now not only a thing among women as men are being witnessed around the world also putting into consideration the kind of hair they have. Your personality is projected depending on the kind of hair you have and the maintenance it has. You must ensure that for people to know the right person you are, your hair can also support this.

When it comes to hair, you may be one who is moving from straight hair and starting to embrace the curly hair.. However, unlike the straight hair, there is quite some attention that needs to be effected when you want to maintain this kind of hair. The reason for this is that any slight mistake may return you to the straight hair world. When you find that curly hair care routine is a challenge for you, you should not give up since there are some guidelines outlined below that gives you an insight on how to manage such.

One of the things that you must avoid to have the perfect curly hair is brushing of the curls. When you brush your curls especially after a wash, your hair gets to break since at this point they are quite weak. Therefore, you can instead use a comb with a wide-tooth before you shower and after a shower just finger-comb your hair to get amazing results.

You can also consider the hair plopping method for your curly hair. The hair plopping method involves avoiding the use of any heat whatsoever when curl styling. When it comes to hair plopping, the one thing you need to know is that to remove any excess moisture from your hair, all that you need is your t-shirt or a microfiber towel. You notice that the curls you will get from the hair plopping procedure will be amazing as no strain whatsoever is subjected to your hair when drying making them for on top of your head even as you sleep.

You can also avoid shampooing as another effective method other than the hair plopping method. Curly hair is considered to be dry enough as it is and making it drier may not be recommended. You end up with hair that constantly breaks when your shampooing routine is frequent since shampooing is one of the methods that dry your hair tendril even more. To avoid having even more dry curly hair but still get to frequently wash your hair, you can instead use the hair conditioner.