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More Information on How to Buy Disney Vacation Club Points

If you have planned a vacation to Disney world, or would like to own a timeshare property with flexible dates and resort choices, you should buy the Disney vacation club. When it comes to reserving room sizes, locations and length of stays, guests have many options to choose from. Those who have families, retirees, or bachelors are the ones who specifically buy those Disney timeshares. It is important to buy the vacation club points because they can help you book Disney cruises, visit several Disneyland, and also beach resorts when you redeem them. The open house is the most popular way of buying Disney vacation points even though other ways can be used to buy them.

If you buy Disney vacation club points by attending the open house, one of their information booths has to be used. More to that, you have to attend a guided tour before you buy such vacation points. But if you want to stay in a specific resort during your Disney vacation, you should check first whether it is sold out. If the resort is sold out, prospective buyers cannot choose that specific resort to invest in. You have to take the traditional route and buy directly from Disney if the resort is not sold out.

Before you decide to invest in Disney vacation club, you have to decide which resort to use as your home first. Priority booking is enjoyed by resort point holders, and because of that reason, they can be used to book resorts in advance by other DVC holders. You should only buy points of your interested resort if you want to travel during peak seasons such as the holidays and summertime. You should buy points from cheap vendors if the resort choice is not an issue.

The differences of resort ownership among the various resorts need to be known first by those who would like to buy the vacation points. You need to know that because even if you buy a new contract or one on the secondhand market, you will be given contract dates that expire. Even if all resorts have contracts dates that expire, some may extend the dates of contracts of their contract holders. Before you buy the vacation points you also need to check the resort dues. If you book a resort, you will have to pay all the annual dues because you are considered as the owner of that specific resort. Even if you do not choose to spend your vacation time in that specific resort, you will have to pay the annual dues with your hard earned cash.

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