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How to publish your book by yourself

For a freelance writer you write for the purpose of getting paid and even if you work for a certain freelance site, your own business or have a direct client you are going to stop getting any kind of payment if you stop writing. Writing a book and getting it published might earn you a lot more than being a freelance. If you write your own book and get it published then you would have made a great accomplishment and done what most of the people try and do not accomplish. If what you are thinking of is writing your own book then you need to be aware of the work you need to put down. The point where many people realize problems is when it comes to publishing, learn more. Here are the things you need to do to earn from your book.

To sell the book, you need to write it first. You need a reminder that you need to write the book so that you have something to sell. You should not get worried if even after starting writing you have a page you are staring at for hours, it happens to the best of us. In order to have a smooth and successful writer, you need to treat it as a job by setting weekly goals that you need to make sure you achieve. It is going to be beneficial to have a writing habit that is going to help you achieve your goal.

After doing the writing it is good that you choose a good editor that is going to help you edit the book properly. It is not advisable to edit the book on your own. The book is a content that has been produced by your own brain thus you need a fresh brain to add something fresh to the book. You need to avoid choosing an editor with good English who is going to change your grammar mistakes.

Design the cover of the book after the editing is done. A cover is important as it is a gateway to your book, see canva. Make sure that when choosing a cover you think about your targeted audience.

After all these you need to have a price for your book. You need to be careful here for setting a high price is going to leave you with no buyer and selling it low if going give you more buyer but the accompaniment of loses.

When looking for publishing you need to start with kindle. You will only have to create a direct publishing account where you will manage the book, use this link to create an account. After publishing with kindle, upload your book on PDF. In the end, market your book, all the best.

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