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Importance of the EB 5 Program

The EB 5 visa program has made it easy for you to become the US residency. With its financial ability and strength to complete holdings of all sizes and types the EB5 Visa the award-winning real estate development and investment firm. In return to making the real estate investment, the EB5 will help you to gain permanent residency. Therefore you need to contact them to understand the many benefits of the EB5 investment. This article explains the importance of the EB 5 program

Once you have become the resident you have an added advantage because the program allows your family member s to receive the green card. The free green card applies to the spouse, and no all the children are qualified, but those unmarried bellow the age of 21 years. You have the opportunity to start a new life with your loved one besides you. Depending on our preference after five years you can decide to become the full-fledged citizen and have the chance to sponsor green cards to the closest relatives. There is nothing more encouraging than living each moment with the people you love, and the program offers you the opportunity. The other benefit of the program is that you can live away from your investment. You have the freedom to live in any area of the United States. You can choose the best place depending on the college that you children are attending. You need the program that will offer you the chance to move closer to the friends and relatives who live anywhere in the US.

Enjoy having similar rights as the citizens when you get your green card through the program. If you are a non-resident student you are eligible to the high price of the college tuition . You could be sure that your children will have the benefit of the college tuition if you acquired your green card through the program. The college fee of your child will be the same price as those of the US residence. You have the added benefit as those of the US residents with the ability to start your own business. Just like the US resident you can move in any other place and go back to the US without having the visa.

For you to get the visa, you need to have the sponsor . The sponsor is not a requirement when you are getting the permit with the program. The issue of having the sponsor for the visa limits many people. Let the EB 5 make you your sponsor and gain the many benefits that are associated with the program.

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