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Types of Bounce House Games for Kids

The most exciting that kids love is getting their friends together for a party among others. If you would like to take the party to the next level, you should allow them to play in a jumping castle or bounce house. Kids are allowed to jump and play in the air by a jumping castle, and that’s why they love it. They will live to remember the party if you add a jumping castle in any event. Before you get a bounce house or jumping castle for the next event, you should know all the bounce house games that can be introduced to the group.

Even though there are many great games and ideas when it comes to bouncing house, some rise above the rest. If you continue reading this guide, you will learn a few games that you can introduce to the group. Bounce them over is a popular game that some of your kids might be familiar with. A lot of kids know how to play this game because the premise of it is simple. Bounce them over game will need more than ten participants even if it is played on a bounce house or jumping castle.

For the game to be played, one kid will have to sit at the center of the bounce house while others move to the side. A position will have to be established by the kid who is sitting at the center of the bounce house. The other kids will try to jump after the center kid does that so that he or she is forced to either fall or topple out of their position. Kids love this type of game because it has no winners and losers.

The other game that you can include in your next kid’s party is battle for balloons. Kids get entertained when they battle for balloons even though this depends with the size of your jumping castle. Battle for balloons game is a bit more competitive because it can be played by kids of all ages. If you want to keep your kids entertained, you should get a good deal of balloons in two different colors. Jumping castle should be divided into two sides and then toss them balloons up after you have blown them up.

For you to separate the castle into two sides, you should use a line and then splits up the kids to each side. You should make sure there are no sore losers in the bunch even if the game is exciting. When you include bounce house games in any kid’s party, they may get an amazing afternoon.