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Need for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it was established to look after the wellbeing of employees, it ensures that all employed persons are working in conducive environment and guarantees their safety. To ensure that employers follow set rules, occupational safety and health administration enact strict rules on them, this forces the employers to take safety of their employees as number one key factor in their businesses. OSHA regulations cover all employees except those that are self – employed and public employees in local government because they are covered elsewhere.

When an employer is undercover by occupational safety and health administration, their responsibilities is to make sure that they adhere with the set regulations and also ensure that their employees work in favourable surroundings free from death and health problems. Occupational safety and health administration states that employers have a task of giving well-maintained tools to their employees for effective working.

It is a duty of any employer covered by occupational safety and health administration to pay for their employees medical expenses for injuries and health illnesses suffered in workplaces.

Offering training to employees and reporting of death and hospitalization cases to occupational safety and health administration within the set time frame is a mandatory aspect for employers.In case of any injuries in workplaces, employers must present well-preserved records of their employees and the causes of the injuries to the occupational safety and health administration when asked to.

OSHA plays a major role in business, they provide safe and healthy workplace, provide tools and guidance to work toward an injury free workplace and also fine heavily those businesses that don’t comply with the set regulations. Productivity is created when workplace environment is good for employees, this is because they are able to do their very best in safe and cared places.

When there is productivity it simply means that the customers become impressed with the services offered and therefore they are able to come for more and even introduce other people for the same services, the morale among staff increases, there is provision of better incentives for employees because the business is doing much better and the reputation of the business is well upheld. When hazards that are likely to cause loss of lives and health illnesses are curbed, it means that there is the retention of employees in workplaces.

When set standards are followed, there is increased profitability because the employees are working in a conducive environment therefore, they are able to better their performance. When an employer follows set rules and regulations they don’t face any penalties this saves them money also, cash used in catering for increased hospitalization of employees due to injuries and health-related illnesses is no more.

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