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What You must Know prior to Hiring Contract Recruitment Services?

In this article, you are going to learn about the guidelines that can help you in determining when to hire a contract recruitment service and when it is going to be a waste of your money and time. If you want to ensure that you are not going to regret any decision you would make, then it will be a smart move on your end to read the whole content.

Tip number 1. Identify how much you can spend – this is a very important question for recruiting services may cost you a lot. Truth is, by using this kind of service, it may potentially run you up to 30 percent of the base salary of the hired employee. In addition to that, there are recruiting firms that will be taking percentage of any raises, bonuses or commissions given to the individual who has been hired for the first year of their employment.

Having said that, you need to use recruiters only if you are totally sure that the employee is going to generate huge profits for your firm. If you’re seeking to employ entry level employees, then going sifting through local colleges or job board is proven to be your best option.

Tip number 2. Know what you are specifically looking for the employee’s background – in the event that your firm is unsure of what kind of background they are looking for, then do not use a recruiter. The better way to get this done is by posting jobs on job boards.

In case that the job is very specific like a position for someone who has thorough experience with regards to selling biotechnology to different educational institutions, then that is the best time when you have to use the services of contact recruitment services. Before you even sign a contract, you must gauge the employee’s specific background and make decisions whether you should use the services of recruitment company or not.

Tip number 3. When to hire someone – if you have to hire ASAP, then working with a recruiting company is going to be a smart move. Now if you are the only HR in the company and you don’t have much time to do the task, this will benefit you a lot. If you have few hours to spend on doing this task, then it is without a doubt preferable to use staffing firm.

There is no use for bothering yourself if your company may be hiring from within and not sure when they might actually take new employees.

It is highly recommended that you give yourself enough time to consider these tips when you are deciding whether to push through working with contract recruitment service or not.

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